About Radio Arcanum Times

The Radio Arcanum Times is a fictitious newspaper set in the world of the Musimagium. You’ll hear it referenced in the stories which take place in the fantasy world written by Mary Kit Caelsto.

About the Radio Arcanum Times

In 1929 Edward Williams founded the Radio Arcanum Times as a self-funded project to bring news and information to the masses instead of keeping it accessible only to those who had the new radio sets at the time. It quickly replaced the existing paper (NAME), which quickly grew stagnant as readership dropped and battles in the newsroom over who would write the news and who should be receiving it erupted.

Seen as an eccentric project, the Radio Arcanum Times quickly grew as it hired reporters disenchanted with the paper and its low subscription price meant it was accessible to middle class Musimagium. When WWI broke out, the paper became free to all enlisted mages and currently is free to those who maintain Musimagium membership.

Edward Williams passed from the earthly plane in 1950. The paper is currently owned and operated by the EG Williams Family Trust in perpetuity.

The Radio Arcanum Times Website

The website launched in 1995 with the print edition appearing sporadically thereafter. Currently, a print edition is published and it is also sent out as a PDF to interested subscribers. (For those in the mundane world, you can read the stories here or subscribe with your email using the block on the sidebar. Sorry, we don’t have a print/PDF edition—yet.)