Washington, DC–
On Monday, after returning from their fourth of July break, Representative Ted Beaumont of Georgia introduced the MARC ACT, also known as the Magical Attention and Regulation Collection Act. With no co-sponsors and little appetite in Washington to interfere in the work of the Department of Homeland Magic, created after the Great Dividing, the act is expected to not even be brought to a vote.

However, the act signals a change in the country’s mood. As magic becomes more widespread and officials grapple with who should be in charge of regulating it, the Musimagium warns members that there will be more such bills proposed both in Washington and in state houses across the nation. In addition, it’s looking to other countries, many of whom are dealing with the same issues in their governments, to see what may happen and what to expect.

Those who are concerned about such laws may reach out to Magic Cares, an organization founded by the Musimagium to help broaden magical awareness and legislative priorities.

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