Draco Magus

Jul 6, 2020
Book Cover: Draco Magus

In spite of taking on the family mantle of protecting the dragons in Arkansas' Ouachita mountains, Deanna only had vague memories of the large creatures who lived in a cave on her family's property. Her mother dismissed her grandmother's tales as stories--nothing more. And when Deanna showed aptitude for the trumpet, just like her jazz playing grandfather, her mother quickly whisked her away out of a fear that she would also show the same magical abilities that ran in her family. Deanna has never been a stranger to walking in two worlds. She also has no idea just how that skill will come in handy.

A direct hit from a tornado changes everything. Now Deanna is asked to fully take on the mantle that her grandmother had always intended for her and help launch the dragons into a new phase of existence--one in which they no longer hid.

A young male dragon is ready to go to the new academy, and his very old father is coming home.

With help from an expert with a shady past and friendly neighbors who have no idea what lives not far from their cattle farm, Deanna's forced to navigate through two worlds, that of the magical and the mundane. And perhaps to bond with a dragon who has been waiting for her to come into her own.

Note: This story takes place in the Radio Arcanum world and stands alone.

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media
Cover Artists:

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