Songs & Paperwork

Jun 1, 2020
Book Cover: Songs & Paperwork
Part of the Songs & Duty series:

As the new director of the Akron Auxiliary, Olivia knows she has a lot of work to do. In addition, she's still tasked with protecting the node and the unicorns which call it home. All of this while the attacks continue and she’s stuck behind a desk.

Her job duties may be divided between home and office; her loyalties are not. The threat is growing and she’s tired of being told to wait. But her plan backfires and creates even more dangers for not just the node and unicorns, but also her horses.

She’s tired of the secrets and the machinations of the Musimagium. She needs answers.

Her quest takes her deep within not just the auxiliary office where she works, but the Musimagium itself. It’s up to her to make sure everyone survives, including herself and her mare, Lady.

NOTE: This book follows Of Songs & Horns, but can be read as a standalone.

Publisher: Charmed Chicken Media
Cover Artists:

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