Melody, MO —
A new department has been created within the Musimagium heiarchy to better address the needs of mages with socius, as well as the treatment of socius within the society as a whole. The role of Dean of Socius Education has been created with the two-fold goal of creating cirriculum and a plan of action to teaching socius skills within the Musimagium’s schools and to help create a network to rescue magical creatures from mundane situations. Ms. Devon most recently worked on her own as a horse rescue, taking in equines with socius potential and helping them find the right homes.

When asked about her new role, Ezra said, “I never imagined that the Musimagium would take a progressive step like this. However, knowing that the mundane world of horse rescue is overburdened, this will help ease that by providing a place for magical equines to land. I am excited to be working with the head of the Pegasus Academy and in helping to create programs across the US and hopefully beyond.”

This is an exciting new direction for the organization, and we at the Radio Arcanum Times wish Ms. Devon all the best. We can’t wait to see what she does in the future.

Book tie in: Rescuing Magic (forthcoming)
Wiki Links: Pegasus Academy | Ezra Devon | Socius

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